Riding Saddle

Riding Saddle

Nehal Leather Works is a leading name that highly admired as first-class Riding Saddle manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters based in Kanpur. Since 2007, we serve the most precisely designed for the comfort of horse and rider. These saddles are available in different design, shape, color, fabric, and material, padded and other specifications, which you can pick as per your convenience.

We use the material that never makes you feel uncomfortable and also provides good support for sitting and enjoying the riding. As these Leather Riding Saddles provide you the full support, so, you can focus on your ride without any fear. We give you 100% assurance about the good quality and durability of the product.

We offer the brilliant designs of Horse Riding Saddle at the most affordable price that fits into your budget. Moreover, we never use any sale hype, we first understand your need and then suggest you the best that match your requirements. You can send an enquiry to be in touch with us or we are also available on call.

Specifications That Increase Riding Saddle Demand

  • Deep seat
  • High degree of flexibility
  • Full support to the riders
  • Different designs are available
  • Comfortable seat size to avoid saddle pressure

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